Once you decide to become a parent this becomes your life mantra. Adopt this as your motto; accept it and you will never be surprised! Well, not as surprised…

Initially you may think I was talking about pregnancy, labour, breast-feeding. All of these apply but unfortunately it just applies to my life. It has done for the last (nearly) 10 months plus 9 months of pregnancy!

Including this blog.

When I decided I wanted to write a blog it was in the very early days of Motherhood, as my own personal therapy. I felt as though I needed to write because when I was pregnant, nothing I had read leading up to the birth, about childbirth or having a newborn baby, was truthful. You can easily find out what size/weight your foetus is and which fruit or veg that corresponds to (super helpful by the way), but none of the information I was dying to know. I do appreciate that not every expecting Mummy would want to read this information but I was desperate to remove some of the unknown. My own Mum even sugar-coated it.. why!? I had to get her out some way.

I asked my Mum what labour felt like. She said her Mum (my Nan) had told her it was just a bad case of constipation. My Mum felt it was a bit worse than that. I genuinely thought she was joking! What she didn’t tell me was the pushing (which may only last for about an hour or so – you’re not really told this either), is like having the worst, worst case of constipation EVER, times a million. I won’t go into further detail on this post (let’s build ourselves up to it…) but I will emphasise, unlike my Mother and Grandmother, I am not joking!

I then wanted to write about how hard, both physically and emotionally the first 2 weeks are, after you give birth.

I wrote all of my experiences down (almost like word vomit, which is better than what my newborn was spitting up at the time)…  but Motherhood took over my every waking, and ‘sleeping’ hour. This is the reason why my daughter is approaching 10 months old and I am only just posting this now. Where has my precious maternity leave gone?!

But in amongst all of this, my daughter grew and I grew as a Mum. We bonded, she developed and I spent my days playing with her and just taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. You’d think I hadn’t seen anything else in over 10 months! What’s a selfie?! Housework wasn’t even on my radar… much to my fiancés’ dismay.

No story I can tell you will illustrate this crazy rollercoaster better than that. The beginning; the scary, painful, sleep deprived stage passes and what you get is so deeply beautiful. You want to hold onto those feelings tight and grasp all of those tiny, milk-drunk cuddles whilst you can because those moments are fleeting. Then you realise you would do it all over again.

You won’t believe me if you’re in the midst of it but you will be ready for another before you know it… my fiancé is shouting “NO” loudly behind me… maybe he hasn’t forgotten yet!

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