When you feel like the worst Mum in the world.

When Mum-guilt gets the better of you, remember that you are enough.

Some days are just blue days. There doesn’t even have to be a reason but being a Mum can just be overwhelming. Everyone has “down” days where you’d love to hide under your duvet with a huge bar of galaxy chocolate and Friends on repeat. Unfortunately, as a Mum, you are not allowed these days.

You can’t even genuinely be ill. It sounds dramatic, even selfish, but it is how I have felt. It is true. You can’t ask your baby for “10 more minutes” and hit their snooze button. Oh, if only babies had snooze buttons… pause here to fantasise! You can’t get up and just get ready, have a cup of coffee or even dread the day ahead. You haven’t got time. You have a small, adorable, gorgeous, squishy little human who relies on you completely. You are the centre of their entire world. It is amazing yet totally inconvenient and requires some serious acceptance. Enter feeling like the world’s worst Mum.

Some days you’d really like to do all of the above and on a good nights sleep… what is that?!

Whenever you have those days as everyone does, yes, even a Mother, remember we have all been there. When you reach this point, remember that you will still struggle up, go to their side, take in their smile at the sight of you, cuddle them, and breathe in that gorgeous baby smell. Feeling the bliss knowing that they are yours. Then you will trudge on with the nappies, bottles, weaning, teething, naps (or lack of), playtime, bath time, dinner, bed etc. etc. etc. You will do it every day, no matter how “blue” the day is. For that alone, you are a super Mum. A Superwoman!

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