Sex after childbirth

Stitches and sex after childbirth. WARNING If you are prudish, stop reading here… we are embarking on the number 1 taboo subject… sex (said in hushed tones). Your pre-pregnancy, perinatal and postnatal sex lives will be undoubtedly completely different, and I found that our relationship needed to adapt to these changes within a short timeframe…Continue reading “Sex after childbirth”

What your colleagues without kids don’t understand.

I went back to work when our daughter was nearly 10 months old, in January 2020. The thought of going back to work was difficult. I was loving my time just me and my baby girl. We were in a good routine with sleep and meals and had a packed social life. I felt likeContinue reading “What your colleagues without kids don’t understand.”

What is it that we really feel guilty about?

I heard a quote today which made me think: “Guilt over the little things usually means a bigger issue is troubling you” (source unknown). This made me consider my situation as a Mum and my constant feelings of guilt, as I know so many Mums can relate. We talk about “Mum-guilt” as though it isContinue reading “What is it that we really feel guilty about?”

Dealing with postpartum anxiety.

Anxiety had never really been something I’d suffered with until I became a first time Mum. I had always felt slightly anxious in social situations but I wasn’t prepared for what hit me. The minute I became a Mum, I felt anxious about most things; feeding, burping, being up in the night, my daughter’s generalContinue reading “Dealing with postpartum anxiety.”

Time to bond with your baby.

I read something recently on an Instagram post which said, “that wave of love you feel when you first hold your baby”. I wasn’t even surprised. There seems to be a societal expectation for Mothers to feel this rush of love and have this instant bond with their baby and if they don’t, there isContinue reading “Time to bond with your baby.”

The early weeks of Motherhood and when we FINALLY turned a corner.

You can handle anything on a good nights sleep and it will come, even if in phases. When we first brought our daughter home, we had weeks and weeks of crying, screaming, not sleeping… me and the baby that is! I actually think most of the crying came from me after a while, from exhaustion.Continue reading “The early weeks of Motherhood and when we FINALLY turned a corner.”

Finding your way in a community of online Mums.

“There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women” – Madeleine Albright. Social media is a fantastic way of communicating and connecting with new Mums. You can connect with people all over the country, the world and most importantly, in your local area, where you can end up meetingContinue reading “Finding your way in a community of online Mums.”

We are so lucky to have happy, healthy babies.

We should never forget how lucky we are to have our beautiful babies; happy, safe and at home. Some aren’t so lucky. I was watching a TV programme recently about families who had just had babies. They filmed six families, no 2 the same, every baby different and each set of parents handling it differently.Continue reading “We are so lucky to have happy, healthy babies.”

No shame in shitting yourself.

Labour, postnatal anxiety and the days in between. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this blog post will be about labour… I can see why you might think that. We may as well start there though… get it out of the way… I was asked multiple times after giving birth whether I pooed myself duringContinue reading “No shame in shitting yourself.”

When you feel like the worst Mum in the world.

When Mum-guilt gets the better of you, remember that you are enough. Some days are just blue days. There doesn’t even have to be a reason but being a Mum can just be overwhelming. Everyone has “down” days where you’d love to hide under your duvet with a huge bar of galaxy chocolate and FriendsContinue reading “When you feel like the worst Mum in the world.”