When you feel like the worst Mum in the world.

When Mum-guilt gets the better of you, remember that you are enough. Some days are just blue days. There doesn’t even have to be a reason but being a Mum can just be overwhelming. Everyone has “down” days where you’d love to hide under your duvet with a huge bar of galaxy chocolate and FriendsContinue reading “When you feel like the worst Mum in the world.”

You are not abandoning your baby.

You should not feel guilty about going back to work to provide for your children. On maternity leave, once you start to think about the moment you’ll return to work, Mum guilt sets in. Mine did the minute we started making plans and looking at nurseries. Mums seem to have to justify this decision, IContinue reading “You are not abandoning your baby.”

Breastfeeding sucks.

Breastfeeding is beautiful but I am not one to pass up the opportunity of a good pun! The sentiment for me though, stands. I was determined to breastfeed for no reason except it was how I was choosing to feed my baby. No judgements, just choice. But it didn’t work out that way. I knewContinue reading “Breastfeeding sucks.”


At 7 weeks postpartum, in a sleep deprived haze, I decided to write down my experiences as a Mum. I felt so overwhelmed and I desperately needed an outlet. It took me months to admit to doing this, so much longer to allow anyone to read it, and with my daughter about to turn 10Continue reading “BACK TO THE BEGINNING”