What is it that we really feel guilty about?

I heard a quote today which made me think: “Guilt over the little things usually means a bigger issue is troubling you” (source unknown). This made me consider my situation as a Mum and my constant feelings of guilt, as I know so many Mums can relate. We talk about “Mum-guilt” as though it isContinue reading “What is it that we really feel guilty about?”

No shame in shitting yourself.

Labour, postnatal anxiety and the days in between. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that this blog post will be about labour… I can see why you might think that. We may as well start there though… get it out of the way… I was asked multiple times after giving birth whether I pooed myself duringContinue reading “No shame in shitting yourself.”

You are not abandoning your baby.

You should not feel guilty about going back to work to provide for your children. On maternity leave, once you start to think about the moment you’ll return to work, Mum guilt sets in. Mine did the minute we started making plans and looking at nurseries. Mums seem to have to justify this decision, IContinue reading “You are not abandoning your baby.”